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Tom Asplund, Secretary General WVF

Mr. Tom Asplund



Mr. Tom Karl Mikael Asplund was born on 30 December 1969 in Ekenäs, Finland. He graduated from the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration in Helsinki, Finland, where his majors were Business management, trade law & leadership.

Mr. Asplund has a long history of active participation in both national association leadership as well as an outstanding background international association services.

Since the very beginning of the Peacekeepers’ Association Finland’s (PKAF) active membership in the World Veterans Federation in 2009, he has represented all Finnish Veterans, including the members from the Disabled War Veterans Association of Finland, also a Member of the WVF. He also represents the 50 000 peacekeeping and crises management veterans in Finland.

As the current Chairman of the Working Group on Northern European Countries of the Standing Committee on European Affairs since 2012, Mr. Asplund has represented the 250 000 active peacekeeping and crisis management veterans of the Nordic Countries. Since 2005, he is a standing national representative in the Board of the Nordic Blue Berets (BNBB) and is a standing member of the Board of the Nordic Veterans Federation (BNVF).

Mr. Asplund has been the national Peacekeepers´ association Finland (PKAF) International Secretary, Board Member and Vice-President continuously since 2005. He additionally holds various trust responsibilities; board positions and working groups relating to voluntary national defense, defense training, veterans’ affairs and military tradition guild organisations. He is an expert member for NORDEFCO (Nordic Defense Cooperation) since 2013.

Mr. Asplund is a well-known and exceptionally decorated reserve officer (Major OF-3), possessing extensive military as well as civilian international expertise. His first involvement in Foreign Service includes several years of mission experience since 1976, starting as UN dependent in the Middle East. Between 1997 and 2010 he served for peace as staff officer, expert and in leadership positions on several continents and crises areas: Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Middle-East and most of the Balkans.

Mr. Asplund has since been a researcher and project officer, producing working papers and publications on international involvement through Security Sector Reform Thematic. He is most recently a private entrepreneur, owner and managing director of a conglomerate business company.