Inge Nedegaarde Treasurer General WVF




Inge Nedergaard was born in the northern part of Copenhagen , Denmark in 1947.


Following her basic education she got an education as Bank Clerk.


In 1969 she joined the Royal Danish Navy, as a clerk for the Purchase Division. During this period she took part in the development of an inventory management and stockpiling management system for the Defence. In 1983 she joined the Danish Embassy in Nairobi, where she held the position of Chief Accountant.


She returned in 1989 and started work as a Chief Clerk with accounts and travel expenses at the Admiral Danish Fleet HQs in Aarhus. She has had several postings abroad as Chief Accountant for the Armed Forces serving in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iraq.


She is in active duty as the Secretary to the Chief of Naval Staff, Denmark and has been a member of the Danish Blue Berets, working as Treasurer since 2009.


She has been awarded a number honours and awards for service to her country.


Inge Nedergaard is married to Torben. They live in the middle of Jutland, and in her spare time she enjoys taking part in the dog world as a steward at the dog show and being a member of the Danish Home Guard.